7 Benefits of Jumping Castle Hire

As a parent, you have a range of unique opportunities that allow you to plan the perfect birthday party for your son or daughter. Well, a trendy party attraction that is rapidly spreading around the world and most of the parents are taking advantage of is jumping castle hire!  jumping castle hire benefits for parties

A jumping castle is one of the most mesmerizing and enticing surprises that the birthday boy or girl can receive; and makes their special day even more memorable and enjoyable. It is a great way to provide a never ending resource of entertainment for your son or daughter and their friends. In fact, any of the items in our jumping castle hire range will keep the kids entertained for hours and should be one of the top things you add to your kids birthday planning checklist if you happen to have one.

Is Jumping Castle Hire Safe?

YES! A jumping castle is 100% safe for your kids and their friends. You should limit it to children of ages 5 and above, but it is a safe and enjoyable surprise for every kid, big or small who are keen to seek some incredible amounts of fun and enjoyment. Our jumping castle hire is a fun and provides a safe place to play.

Let your kids go crazy in an inflatable, soft and friction less environment with inflatable safety rails that prevent the kids from the castle onto the ground

We know that all parents, being them ourselves, are always concerned about the safety of their children, even if they have grown up. But, in case of a using jumping castle hire to add some fun to your party or event, you need not to worry! B Happy N Jump have exceptional safety standards that makes it a popular choice for many parents around the Central Coast and Newcastle areas.

7 Benefits of Jumping Castle Hire

  1. An inflatable jumping castle gives the children a safe and enjoyable environment for a range of activities or challenges set by parents
  2. Our Jumping Castle Hire is available in 4 Hour, 7 hour or even 24 hours blocks.
  3. Castles can be setup it up in a relatively small area by our team.
  4. A wide range jumping castle hire options available and includes all types of fun themes like a Spiderman, Frozen, Dora the Explorer, Superman and our ever popular Toy Story Jumping Castle along with many other styles.
  5. You can limit the number of children to play inside the jumping castle. We recommend 8-10 per ride.
  6. The inflatable material of the jumping castle is durable, smooth, waterproof and cozy.
  7. Parents can have a peace of mind and enjoy themselves with other guests while the kids get hours of value out of the jumping castle hire.


Why choose a Jumping Castle Hire that includes an Inflatable Slide?

To a kid, there it no limit that can be put on the amount of fun to be had at a party and with a wide range of jumping castle hire options, there are also a blend of accessories available. One such accessory is an inflatable slide, which is included with some of our jumping castle hire packages.

A very popular setup is to have a stream of water consistently running down the slide, so all the kids can enjoy the slide followed by a big splash. We encourage parents to ensure there is 100% supervision when water is used.

Are there any other benefits of Jumping Castle Hire?

Of course, when there is so much hype about one thing, there tends to be endless amounts of features to talk about. Our range of jumping castle hire products come in different sizes, shapes, themes and colors to give you a huge amount of options to choose from to suit your individual requirements.

Bottom line…A Jumping Castle is a fun-filled and healthy play option for your kids and when it comes to entertainment, fun and joy for the kids, the sky is the limit!  Jumping castle hire adds a great deal of excitement to a party and a dream of every child to have one in their own backyard.

So, get in touch with us to make a booking and give your little prince or princess once of the biggest surprises of their life?

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