Christmas party ideas for kids and adultsThe holiday season is here and we all want to make the best of it. You want to make sure that your grandchildren who you see maybe once a year, on Christmas day have the best time ever! I have some Christmas games and party ideas that would be great for both kids and adults.

There are lots of Christmas games and party ideas to choose from, here are some suggestions:

Fun with Balloons

These are are always a good idea for any party and they are good for both indoor and outdoor parties. They are also fun for kids and there are a couple of games that the kids can play while the grown ups catch up during the party. Balloon pop will be a great way to keep the kids occupied. With this game you will have to put candy or any other party favor in the balloon before you blow them. The kids will then deliberately pop the balloons and eat their lollies. Speaking of candy and being in the holiday spirit, it will be a great idea to have a fairy floss at the party. Both kids and grown ups enjoy Fairy Floss¬†and it’s always fun to make. You can always hire a fairy floss¬†machine for your party. Also, you will obviously need a lot of balloons therefore getting an air pumping machine will be necessary or you can have them pumped for you from the store.

Group Games

Another great Christmas game you can play is charades. This game will require involvement of the whole family which is great for bonding. You can choose to center the game on family events that happened last Christmas or during family gatherings. This game requires a lot of theatrics so you really have to get into it because you will be describing a situation with your actions.

Trivia Challenges

A Christmas game that i truly enjoy is Christmas trivia. This is a competitive game, which is always fun. You can divide yourselves into groups and choose which trivia you want to go with. There is the Christmas movie trivia and Christmas song trivia. For this game you will have to write the trivia questions on little pieces of paper and stick them all around the party room. Then you will give your guests pencils and paper where they will write their answers throughout the party. You will have to number the trivia questions. At the end of the party is when you will read the answers of every guests and whoever gets most of them right wins a prize!

Christmas games and party ideas of course will vary depending on the theme of the party and the age group of the guests you intend to show up at the party. A good Christmas party idea is a candy cane themed party. From the decorations to the food, have a candy cane in it or on it! For the kids you could get a christmas theme decorated jumping castle hire for everyone to enjoy. You could also have a candy cane shaped pinata to create more outdoors fun the kids. Another Christmas activity that would be fun with this kind of party would be a photo booth decorated with candy cane decorations.

The Christmas games and party ideas that you choose to go with should require some sort of bonding or togetherness in my opinion whether it is an office party or just a normal party. If you are a boss and you want to host a Christmas party for your employers, you want to make each one of them feel valuable. Here’s an idea that i thought was pretty cool. You can have VIP Christmas party invites designed with the Christmas colors and include your company name on the invite as well. The important thing in any office party is food and drinks. If you will not come for the people then you come for the food and drinks. You can hire a great caterer or have a hot dog machine to keep it simple. A great Christmas game for an office party would be something competitive like a Christmas gift wrap relay.

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