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Jumping Castle Hire – Frequently Asked Questions

Q. Is all your jumping castle & hire equipment new?
A. We like to keep up with the latest party themes and we are always getting new castles as they are released. Check out all of our jumping castle hire range

Q. Are your jumping castles good quality?
A. Yes, we keep all of our equipment serviced and well maintained. The castles are inflated and cleaned each weekend, even if they are not being hired.

Q. What does the price for hire cover?
A. The jumping castle hire prices listed cover delivery, installation and pick up of all equipment.

Q. Can adults jump on all of the castles?
A. Unfortunately no sorry as they are really only made for children under 12 as it can lead to a lot more wear and tear and damage to the castles.

Q. Are you an ethical business?
A. We run B Happy N Jump 7 days per week. We must look after our customers in the most professional way as this is our full time business. Don’t rely on other companies who hire equipment as a part time weekend job and find they are too tired from their 9-5 job! Booking with us ensures a smooth, trouble free hire experience.

Q. What payment options do you accept?
A. We accept cash payments. (Visa and MasterCard options are on the way!)

Q. Are you insured?
A. YES, we have $10,000,000.00 Public Liability insurance.

Q. What are the differences between the traditional and slide castle models?
A. The “Slide” castle models have more features and is built to be more interactive

Q. Do you offer any party planning services or advice?
A. At this stage we don’t offer any planning services as a paid option but we are more than happy to give you some advice and help you get the day exactly how you want it. Small things like this great kids birthday party checklist can make all the difference.

Q. Can I pay with cash?Q. How much are the costs to hire jumping castles?
A. Refer to our jumping castles page for the full list of items available for hire. Each castle is slightly different with price due to size and features available

A. Yes, Payment is in cash only on the day of set up to the delivery driver.

Q. Is there a delivery fee to my area?
A. Yes, most areas do have a fee for jumping castle delivery. Please contact us to discuss.

Q. How much space is required for the jumping castle?
A. We have included the measurements of each castle available for hire on the website.

Q. Will the jumping castle be delivered and set up before the party starts?
A. Depending of the arrangements made, in some cases we may need to deliver the jumping castle earlier than your party starts. In most cases our staff will deliver 30 min prior to your starting time.

Q. How far does the castle need to be from any walls, tree branches or nearby structures?
A. A minimum of 50cm to 100cm back and sides and a minimum of100cm to 150cm for the front.

Q. Does the castle need to stay up the whole time?
A. No…Only while it’s being used. We encourage all customers to save power.

Q. Does the jumping castle require continuous supervision?
A. YES somebody over the age of 18 will need to supervise at all times. This is important and ensures the children’s safety. If required, adult supervision is available for an additional $35.00 per hour.

Q. Can we keep the jumping castle for longer?
A. Yes, we can discuss any time extensions when making your booking.

Q. Can the jumping castle be set up in a public/park?
A. You need to apply to the Council for a permit to have a party in the park. Other things to consider are if there is access to electricity in the park. If not, you can use our generator hire to power the castle and anything else at your event.

Q. Do you hire out on public holidays?
A. YES, we do hire out on public holidays. A surcharge will apply, due to our staff being paid penalty rates.

Q. What happens if it rains?
Some of our jumping castles are fitted with shower covers so intermittent rain is not a problem. If the rain is heavy and persistent and looks as though it may cause risk to the children’s safety, you are able to re-book the castle at any time.