Kids Birthday Party Checklist

One of the most commonly asked questions being asked prior to confirming a jumping castle hire booking is how does everyone else manage to get all of their party organising done and make it seem like such a simple and enjoyable process at the same time. The answer is having a kids birthday party checklist that guides you through everything starting as early as 3 months prior to the special day.

Truth be told, there are a LOT of parents who feel overwhelmed when planning their kids birthday party. With the extra activities and things to check on crammed into an already hectic schedule who has the time to plan a party? Not many of us, but we have found a checklist that will make your life a little more calm and help you ensure that the party goes off without a hitch.

By using this checklist as a guide, you won’t need to wonder about when you need to order the cake, book any party equipment like a jumping castle and slushy machines, or when’s the best time to send out the party invitations to make sure everyone can free up their schedule and join you in the celebrations.

The Ultimate Kids Birthday Party Checklist

This small 2 page kids birthday party checklist just needs to be printed and it’s ready to go! Of course you could copy the list into a calendar as well, but the nice design of the pages does keep the energy levels higher when looking through the checklist.

complete list view

Keeping everything on track does help keep you’re stress levels down and based on the small amount of feedback we have received already after mentioning this great resource to a few recent customers it’s something that anyone planning a party for their little prince or princess should have, before starting anything else!

Starting to plan things 12 weeks before might seem overkill for some people. I’m a person who likes to leave most things to the last minute too, it’s how I’ve always been. Regardless, this checklist does help to get my mind on track, even if the dates are a little off. Just by having a checklist of things that should be done for the party helps a lot.

Here’s a short sample of what’s included in the kids birthday party checklist download

3 Months Before

  • Confirm the date

Depending on the age of your kids, generally a mid-afternoon time slot on the weekend works best for most other parents.

  • Decide on a theme

Keep it simple and something that all the kids will enjoy. A recent animated movie is always a winner

2 Weeks Before

  • Plan the menu and décor

The types of food and drinks you’re thinking of serving at the party will effect the décor and any special requirements for things like cooking or ordering things for the kids and parents to eat as well as how to keep your drinks cool if it’s a hot day.

There is a LOT more great info like this in the kids birthday party checklist.

Click here to download the high resolution file for printing.

We found this list over at where there’s a tonne more helpful information just list this checklist available for reading and download. If you think there should be something else included on the list you can comment below or send either us or them a message and we’ll take care of the rest.


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