Surprise Your Daughter with a Lovely Disney Princess Jumping Castle on Her Birthday

disney princess jumping castleKids love surprises on their birthday parties. For your lovely princess, you can cheer her up with a doll house or give a big surprise like a Disney Princess Jumping Castle in the backyard.

It is the ultimate toy that your daughter could wish for, especially when it’s her birthday. Undoubtedly, the best parties are those that keep the children busy, and a Disney Princess Jumping Castle is a perfect toy to engage your daughter with her friends on her birthday party. It can put a smile on the little girls face, and it one of the enchanting things that would be adored by her.

Our Disney Princess Jumping Castle

A Disney Princess Jumping Castle is an inflatable toy that has fairy tale themed room. Just like the original Disney Castle, it has the princess and her friends. The entire castle is textured with a beautiful Disney Princess Castle theme that makes a realistic experience for your daughter. She can jump and play along with her friends.

You can also add some more fun hiring the Disney Princess Jumping Castle with Slide. The powerful air blower quickly inflates and deflates the castle. They can relax and enjoy the cozy feeling


  1. The Disney Princess Jumping Castle has a length of 5.42 meters, width 5.04 meters and a height of 3.02 meters. It’s quite a big and spacious castle where your princess and her friends can enjoy. However, the total area covered after being inflated is 5m length x 5m width x 5m height.
  2. It is perfect for girls of 7 years and above.
  3. Capable of withstanding impacts without any leakages.
  4. Available with and without a slide. But, you can choose the Disney Castle with Slide, as it would be more enticing.

How to Get a Disney Princess Jumping Castle?

Of course, you won’t be buying such a big thing that could be difficult to handle later upon. Instead, you can hire a jumping Disney Princess Jumping Castle quite easily for a very reasonable price.

How many Hours I can hire ?

Well, it is totally up to your choice. You can either hire it for a couple of hours or 24 hours.


  • Please do not allow any child to go near the air blow pump due to electricity hazards or malfunction.
  • Don’t overload the jumpy. Although this Jumping castle is quite spacious, still precaution must be taken. Ideally 10-15 kids are enough. If there are more, split the turns into two rounds.
  • Also, make sure that none of the kids have any pinching materials with them that may damage the jumpy.
  • Don’t allow any eatables or drinks while playing.
  • Make sure that the place where you’ll be installing this jumpy is firstly cleaned, and there must be no objects underneath the base that can damage it.

How much room do I need?

Well, based on the dimensions told above, the rough estimate for the size of your lawn could be 7-meter length, 7 meters width.


So, if you are looking to surprise your princess with a huge Disney Princess Jumping Castle, you can get in touch with us about a booking. Our prices are extremely affordable

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