Adult Bouce House


While it’s not limited to adults only, this bounce house is the perfect addition to any event where kids of all ages, even those young at heart, want to take part in the fun of playing on an inflatable.

You can learn more about this design below, or contact us with any questions that you might have.

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Adult Bouncy Castle Hire

Sharing the excitement and fun of bouncing around inside an inflatable is not just for kids!

Anyone who thinks this needs to get their butt on this jumping castle for adults, teenagers and older children…

It’s one of our most popular rental choices for people who are planning events like a special birthday milestone, such as a 40th party.

The adult bounce house is also a great source of entertainment and makes an excellent talking point at corporate events or office Christmas parties.

Imagine the team building potential with something like this at your next company gathering…

Note: Getting some payback on your boss when playing in this castle is at the discretion of the users.

Another place where this castle is enjoyed is at high school fetes and sporting days.

We do have a few other designs like this available at

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How Many Adults Can It Hold?

This inflatable has much larger and stronger internal baffles, which allow for supporting additional weight compared to the models that are for children only.

We recommend that the total weight of all users does not exceed 800kgs

These larger areas also create a more powerful bounce effect, so if kids do decide to join in the fun it is very important that the older generation be aware of this.

For bookings, you can use the options above, or call us today on 0422 594 335 during business hours.

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Rental Prices and Times

Being a stronger and more reinforced design, the adult bounce house is a little more expensive than the standard designs that are only usable for children

There are 3 rental period options for this inflatable:

Please also be sure to check the delivery costs, and include any party extras using the selection boxes at the top of this page.

Each area of the Central Coast, Hunter Valley and Newcastle areas do have different rates depending on where your event is located.

It is possible to arrange use of this product for longer than the times listed. Feel free to call or send us a message to discuss your event requirements.

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Measurements & Requirements

While it’s not one of our largest designs, it’s big enough to fit several adults on it at one time

The full measurement details of the adult jumping cast is 6m(L) x 5m(W) x 4m(H)

It’s recommended to keep at least 1 meter clear around all areas of the inflatable.

Please ensure that you have at least an 8m x 8m clear and level space available before renting this bounce house.

Aside from the clear and flat area to setup the castle, access to a standard 240v power outlet for the blower is the only other requirement.

We do bring 20m long cables which is generally long enough for most locations.

Please be sure to let us know if a longer cable is needed – or we can bring along a generator for you.

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Safety and Insurance

Our team will unpack and setup the inflatable for you and return when the rental period has ended.

If you would like to enjoy some personal time socializing, we can arrange for the staff to remain on site as a dedicated supervisor…

This party extra is $35/hour.

As far as insurance, B Happy N Jump have carried a $20,000,000 public liability insurance policy for years and we are very proud of the 100% safety record.

This record is only possible due to every single one of our inflatables being made to Australian Standards and maintained to the finest detail.