Fairy Floss Machine


Bring a sprinkle of magic to your birthday party with our fairy floss machine hire!

Not only is it a delicious snack that all of the children (and adults) enjoy eating, but it’s a fun addition to any event.

You can use the options on this page to book this separately, or include it any of our party pack options.

Fairy Floss Machine Hire

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Why not go all out for your upcoming party or local community event and include a fairy floss maker for everyone to enjoy a tasty treat.

Available as a individual rental or extra, you can rent our candy floss machine and we will deliver it to any address in the Central Coast, Newcastle or Hunter Valley areas.

For decades, having unique and special snacks at carnivals has always been popular. Now you can share the excitement of watching the sugar melt and transform with your friends and family.

You can select the date and rental duration using the options above to book online, or if you would prefer speaking with us about any special requirements, you can call us on 0422 594 335 during business hours.

We would be more than happy to answer any questions you may have.


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What’s Included

When you rent this machine for your party, you’ll get everything needed to ensure your guests and all of the kids are able to enjoy and share in the magic of the fairy floss being made.

You can choose the colour and flavour of the candy, and the standard package includes 30 fairy floss sticks.

If you are planning a large scale event, please let us know and additional sugar and sticks can be included.

For those wanting to enjoy the fun of the party, our staff are able to remain at the event and be the server for the fairy floss or other snacks like popcorn and hot-dogs for an hourly fee.

Make no mistake, having a fairy floss machine at any event or birthday party is always a hit!

Rental Prices

Due to the size and small amount of time needed to cook the fairy floss, the machines are available to rent for a full day or overnight only.

If you’d like to arrange a longer period for your event, please contact us to discuss the requirements.

Delivery for this rental will depend on where you event is located in the Central Coast, Newcastle or Hunter Valley areas. You can use the selection options above to check the rate to your address.

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Size and Space Requirements

One of the most important things to consider when renting a fairy floss machine is where it will be placed.

The cooking temperature of the sugar is quite low, so keeping the unit out of direct sunlight keeps the floss nice and sticky for longer.

Generally we recommend that there be a sturdy table available for the machine that covered by a small tent or under a verandah with access to a 240v power outlet.

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