Inflatable Dart Board


Challenge your mates to see who can hit the bulls eye first!



Darts has always been a great pastime for those with good aim, it’s a fun way to get together with friends and enjoy some healthy competition. The newest addition to the b happy n jump collection is GIANT INFLATABLE DARTS.

If you avoid playing because of your aim then this game is for you. You can throw or kick the ball and it will stick onto the giant velcro board. Even though you have much less of a chance of completely missing we cannot take responsibility for the points (or lack of) you score (maybe you still need to aim a little bit).

This game is suitable for both children and adults alike. It will entertain people of all ages and will keep them on their toes. This is one of our more interactive inflatable units. Can’t go wrong with a giant inflatable dart set up at your event

Hire this unit for your next birthday party or end of season windup!

Inflatable Dart Board Price Guide

4 Hours: $200
9am to 4pm: $310
24 hours: $410

Please review any jumping castle delivery information for any extra charges that may apply for your area.

Size Guide

Diameter: 4M

Total Area: 4m (L) x 4m (W) x 4m (H)