Marlin Dry Slide


Not to be mistaken for a water slide, the Marlin Splash is actually designed as a dry inflatable that can be used by children and adults. Everyone at your event will enjoy climbing the rocky section before beginning the double bump fun of the slide to the bottom.

You can use the options on this page to book this product for your upcoming event, or scroll down to learn more about the exciting features that the Marlin Splash inflatable slide can bring to all your guests.

Hire An Inflatable Slide For Your Event

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The artwork of this inflatable is sure to get the attention of every single person at your upcoming event…

And we don’t just mean the kids!

One of reasons why this simple, yet eye catching design is a popular choice for children’s parties and community events is that is can be used by adults as well.

The basic two lane style allows those who want to experience some fun, to navigate up a rock climbing section to reach the top of the 4 meter high platform before making their fast slide down over the bumps to the bottom.

Even if you don’t try it out, just watching all of the kids and brave adults at your event will create a lot of laughs and entertainment for everyone attending.


front view slide close up

Water Slide Options

Being a fish and water related design, we often get asked questions about using the Marlin inflatable slide with water.

The design potentially can be used with some water, however without a proper pool and catchment area at the bottom there are significant safety concerns which is why we only allow this slide to be used as a dry model.

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Rental Periods and Rates

You can hire the Marlin dry slide for your birthday party or local event, and keep it onsite for a few hours or even overnight if needed.

As with all of our inflatable rental options, there are 3 main time slots available in the duration booking area at the top of this page

Please be sure to use the options on the top of this page to confirm the delivery rates to your area.

B Happy N Jump offer rentals to all areas of the Central Coast, Newcastle and even the Hunter Valley.

Depending on where your event is scheduled to take place, the delivery costs may vary.

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Size Guide

When inflated, the Marlin Splash dry slide stands at 5 meters tall, making it one of the biggest designs that we have available for both children and adults.

Overall this product measures 7.5m(L) x 4.5m(W) x 5m(H) and is sure to be a standout attraction at your event.

To ensure the safety of everyone in attendance, we strongly recommend that there be at least 1 meter of clear and unused space around all sides of any inflatable that you rent.

For the Marlin dry slide, you will need an area of at least 10m(L) x 6m(W) x 6m(H) for the proper setting up and operation of the inflatable.

climb wall close up


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Safety & Insurance

With a “no jump” barrier at the top platform of the Marlin dry slide, anyone who reaches the top of the rock climbing challenge will only be able to slide back down. This is to ensure there is no injuries or damage to the product.

As with all of our rental products, when you hire the Marlin slide it is covered by our $20,000,000 public liability policy. If you require a copy of this prior to your event, please contact us directly.

Our team has been to 1000’s of parties and events across the Central Coast, Newcastle and Hunter Valley areas since we first started the business way back in 2012.

During this time, we are proud of keeping our 100% safety record and the team works hard to maintain this achievement.

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