Micky Mouse Inflatable Toddler Park


Teach your kids while they play!

This toddler park is the perfect environment to help kids connect, have fun and learn….all at the same time.



Rent the Mickey Park Toddler Combo Learning Club for your next toddler themed event. This beautiful Toddler Combo is designed for the Disney and Mickey Mouse lovers at heart. It has all the elements of an inflatable combo, with bouncing, climber, slide, and games inside.

Micky Mouse Inflatable Toddler Park Hire Price Guide

4 Hours: $200
9am to 4pm: $360
24 hours: $460

Please review any jumping castle delivery information for any extra charges that may apply for your area.

Size Guide

Length: 6.7m
Width: 6.4m
Height: 4.0m
Total Area: 7.7m (L) x 7.4m (W) x 4.0m (H)