Spiderman Jumping Castle


The Spiderman Bounce House is a definite family favourite!

It does not matter where you are planning your event around the Central Coast, Newcastle or Hunter Valley this web slinging super hero can get there.

You can choose the rental period from the options on this page or get in touch with us during business hours for any questions you might have.

Spiderman Bounce House For Hire

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With a long history of comic books, blockbuster movies and appearances in recent series like The Avengers, Spiderman is a character that everyone from a young child to adult has seen, and perhaps even dreams of having special super powers just like him.

Give your little man the surprise of his life by having this bounce house at his birthday party!

You can use the options above to book and reserve it today, or call 0422 594 335 during business hours to confirm the reservation over the phone.

There’s one thing about getting a Spiderman backpack or a lunch box for your birthday, but let’s think out of the box for a moment, and try something that will be an amazing memory for your boy and all his friends…

Imagine their faces lighting up as they see this amazing Spiderman jumping castle setup and ready for fun in your backyard…

It will completely stun them!

And sharing the moment with all of his closest friends will make great, life long memories.

Hire this Spiderman Jumping Castle today and be sure that your birthday boy has one of the biggest and most enjoyable surprises of his life!

With artwork around all sides of the inflatable, the kids will be able to imagine themselves as the web slinging superhero as they see all of the characters, webs and colours themed around the entire structure.

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Rental Times and Rates

Similar to most of our inflatable rental options, you can hire a Spiderman Jumping Castle for up to 24 hours, at a very affordable price.

Most times for a kids birthday party, a 4 to 6 hour duration is all that’s needed while the overnight option is mainly for community events or school fetes.

You can choose the rental during from the list of duration options at the top of this page to make your reservations.

If you have any questions, feel free contact us during office hours and be sure to double check the rates for delivery to your area.

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Size and Usage

The Spiderman bounce house is a medium size inflatable, which makes it popular and a great choice for almost any type of event…

It has a huge internal area where your young man and his friends can have hours of fun together.

We recommend that there is at least 1m of clear space around the inflatable at all times, and that the usage weight does not exceed 700kg

Depending on the age and size of the children at your party, you may be able to have up to 10 kids on this inflatable at one time.

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Safety and Insurance Information

One of the most common questions that gets asked during the booking process is about insurance.

B Happy N Jump is proud of its 100% safety record which we have maintained since we started the rental business way back in 2012.

If you hire the Spiderman bounce house for your kid’s birthday party or local community event, you can rest easy knowing that our $20,000,000 public liability insurance is there to cover any unforeseen events.

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