Spiderman Jumping Castle with Slide


Watch out because your neighborhood superhero is here! Spiderman!



Not one day goes by without some child wearing the popular Spiderman outfit and running around pretending to be this superhero.Without a doubt, little boys love and absolutely adore this web weaving super hero character.

Made even more popular by Hollywood’s blockbuster Spiderman movies. The majority of Aussie household owns at least one Spiderman movie in their collection, and it’s a brand that all children know and aspire to.

Your kids will love the Spiderman bouncy castle and all the superpowers that comes with it!

  • Super strength
  • Super agility
  • Ability to climb vertical surfaces
  • Ability to shoot webs with a flick of the wrist!
  • spider-sense!

Just like Peter Parker, transform your child into a web-weaving ultra cool superhero by calling us and secure your Spiderman bouncy castle today!

Spiderman Jumping Castle with Slide Hire Price Guide

4 Hours: $180
9am to 4pm: $210
24 hours: $310

Please review any jumping castle delivery information for any extra charges that may apply for your area.

Size Guide

Length: 5.0m
Width: 5.2m
Height: 4.0m
Total Area: 6.7m (L) x 6.4m (W) x 5.0m (H)